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Felke Med therapeutic fasting

Felke Med Detox 2.0

“In a healthy body lives a healthy spirit”

Advancement and change have been part of our philosophy for more than 100 years. With a view to the wishes and needs of our current fasters and the experience from 35 years of medical fasting support, we have developed a new, even more intensive, holistic fasting programme for you. Living conditions have changed in the last hundred years: Today we work in closes rooms; in the cities, there reigns a sustained noise level, and everyday and unconscious intake of environmental toxins via the skin, lungs and intestines. Added to that are sustained stress, a deluge of media and a lack of recreational sports. Many of these disruptive factors were not around in the time of Felke and Buchinger, which is why it's needed for us to adjust the original fasting therapy to today’s requirements.

Over the years, our capacities for detoxification are exhausted and impurity buildups accumulate. The body inadvertently stores toxins that increasingly cause symptoms. This facilitates the formation of illnesses that didn’t used to exist, and that today are necessary to prevent. Fatigue, exhaustion, depressive resentments, headaches and digestive disorders are serious warning signals by our bodies.

It's high time to authorise a time out for your mind, body and soul. As part of the detox fasting, you will intensively and sustainably free your body from these buildups and toxins (especially heavy metals). At the same time, your empty stores are filled back up.

Centuries-old Ayurvedic treatments known for removing toxins supplement the Felke medicinal clay therapy. Classic channelling therapies also support the detoxification of the tissue and skin. In the centre of the treatments, moreover, are relaxation and relieving emotional burdens. Mindfulness arises when we can let go. We’ll help you with meditations, yoga and autogenic training sessions.

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