Water is life force

Pools & Jacuzzi tubs

Temperature-controlled relaxation tubs, outdoor swimming pool and rooftop terrace pool for your well-being

20 metres of outdoor swimming pool

The park swimming pool (heated year-round) can be wonderfully used to refresh in the summer and swim laps in the winter. With swimwear only. Track length: 20 metres. Water temperature: approx. 29-30 degrees Celsius.

Rooftop terrace pool

The rooftop terrace bath is perfectly suited for relaxing before or after the sauna. This bath can also be used freely without swimwear. It is heated year-round and is 34°C warm.

Jacuzzi bath

The Jacuzzi bath, at 37°C, is a great relaxation pool in our “Spa Garden on the Mountain”, hidden directly behind the sauna area.

Indoor pool

The indoor pool in the alternative in bad weather. It has a length of approx. 11 metres and is 30 degrees Celsius.