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Relaxation Rooms


Water Room

All relaxation rooms are designed according to the natural elements of the Felke healing method. This includes the element of water, interpreted here with a large aquarium.

Fire Room

The fire room lies directly across from the water room. Here burns a flame which - together with the powerfully red-golden colour - lends the room lots of comfort.

Earth Room

The element of earth - in the founding period of our establishment, guests slept on straw beds by the river. “For the correct grounding,” according to Pastor Felke. In this room, too, you’ll lie on Asian straw mats, though not outdoors.

Air Room

Many large windows characterise the air room - and of course, lots of light! Waterbeds, headphones with meditation music and, in good weather, a view up to the vineyards of the Nahe valley included.

Relaxation Room

A completely futuristic relaxation room for snuggling up. The daybeds are really cosy, and perfect for a couple to settle in!

Felke Meditation Room

At 120 square metres total, you’ll find sufficient room to find your balance by means of meditation.

Spa Library

The SPA library is constantly being expanded with magazines and books worth reading so that you don't ever get bored with us.

Sauna Foyer

You’ll find a fountain with healthy “osmosis water” from our well in the sauna foyer. Here is where the next sauna infusions are announced, and you can find seating options for chatting.

Spa Bistro

In our SPA bistro, you’ll receive drinks and small warm and cold dishes. In the summer, these are also served outside.