Body & Soul

Daily programme

Fitness and relaxation group classes,
under professional instruction

In good weather, naturally outside in the park or in our SPA garden on the river, under an awning on the “wooden yoga platform” with a view of the Nahe... In bad weather, in our spacious Felke meditation room (120 square metres). Here you’ll find an overview of what offers are taking place. Upon arrival, you will receive the class programme for the entire week.

In the element of water, we tone and strengthen our bodies without stressing our joints. Depending on the number of participants, the morning aqua gymnastics will take place in the steaming rooftop terrace pool or in the indoor pool.


The classic! Here we very pointed train our stomach, leg and buttock muscles, partially with gymnastics exercises, partially with auxiliary equipment. After a short warm-up phase, things get started. The exercises are easy to understand and fun.

A stretching unit from a holistic point of view. Through these stretching exercises, we additionally achieve an improvement of the flow of energy in our acupuncture points, and thus an improvement of organ function.

With these simple exercises, you can get easy access to unused energy and well-being with mind, body and spirit.

Out of your head – into your body! Rhythmic music gets things going. Very nearly in passing, we’ll train your endurance and coordination. Let yourself be carried away from fascinating sounds without learning complicated step combinations...feel like moving and dancing? That you're in exactly the right place in this class! (Please wear trainers and loose sportswear)

Cardiovascular training, full body strengthening – joint-friendly walking with Nordic walking sticks

The pilates method is a holistic form of physical training where, above all, the recumbent, small, but mostly weaker muscle groups are called on, which are meant to see to healthy and correct body posture. The training comprises strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing.

The essential principles of the pilates method are control, concentration, conscious breathing, centring, relaxation, flow of movement and coordination. All movements are carried out slowly and fluidly, sparing the muscles and joints. Breathing is trained at the same time.

A quiet and functional hour for everyone who'd like to do some good for their back. Learn to move and carry yourself more consciously, and thus prevent or combat back pain. Combined in this hour are gymnastic elements with mobilisation and stretching exercises.

A gentle form of movement mediation that is also easy to learn without prior knowledge. The Form of the Five Elements, also called Wu Xing, combines the mind, body and soul.

The significance of yoga for the people of today lies in the opportunity of gaining clarity and stability through exercises. Meditation, contemplation and concentration on breathing can give rise to inner peace and relaxation.