nach unten
Relaxation for the senses


Frühlingsplätzchen spa

Have a sauna, rest and restore your strength
in an extraordinary “wellness ambiance” 

The Frühlingsplätzchen spa in the “BollAnts” in named after the Frühlingsplätzchen vineyard in the Nahe wine village of Monzingen. From our spa rooftop terrace, enjoy the view all the way to this unique vineyard site that yields multifaceted and fruity Rieslings. That is also how we present your spa stay with us: Relax in the diversified rooms that make your stay into an experience and are meant to sweeten your time...

“In this day and age, there is no more important investment in your future than visiting a place where you can devote yourself fully and completely to your well-being, your health and the quality of your life.”
Nicole Prass-Anton, SPA manager

Our company's tradition, the natural elements of Felke therapy, becomes palpable. Unlimited variety for people who like to be active, a safe haven for peace-seekers, a spacious resort for letting loose and recovery - that is our guiding theme.


The theme

The first Felke wellness centre with the classic Felke natural elements of light, air, water and earth - for health, peace, reflection and relaxation.

The colours

Ivory, chestnut, anthracite, bordeaux, silver and green.

The facility

Rustic, light, modern, untouched, made of old wood and stone.