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Our tip: Should you still be undecided as to what cosmetics treatment is right for you, simply reserve the treatment time of 60 or 90 minutes. Our cosmetologists will then coordinate the cosmetics individually after a skin diagnosis, and decide with you on what cosmetics treatment will be carried out.

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The organic make-up brand! Couleur Caramel is an innovative and nurturing make-up brand that combines ingredients from natural sources and cutting-edge technology. The textures, scents and colours will carry you off into a world that interweaves beauty, wellness, care and sustainability together.

We would be happy to highlight your fine facial features with the natural, high-quality Couleur Caramel make-up.

For over 40 years, THALGO has been the undisputed size in the field of maritime care. Benefit from the experience of true care experts and experience a custom facial treatment put together just for you, because sea cosmetics work in unison with the ski and correspond to its physiological processes. That way, the human organism can incorporate and utilise maritime substances particularly well – entirely without side effects.

Organic skincare with the power of the earth and the sea, with BIO and ECOCERT seals.

Lancaster believes in the beauty in your beauty. For Lancaster, the origin of this beauty lies in the skin - beginning in the DNA, in your own personal history. The mission is ensuring your beautiful appearance through top of the line technologies in skin & sun care sector - at every age, in and out of the sun.