“Tradition does not mean worship of the ashes,
but carrying on the embers!”

The 2017 Gault Millau has Gault Millau 2017 been published: The BollAnts gourmet restaurant “Jungborn”, under the leadership of Jens Fischer and Philipp Helzle has achieved 17 of 20 points and is thereby considered one of the seven best restaurants in Rhineland-Palatinate! We wish the cooks and the service team a very warm congratulations for this great award!

Relax GuideIn the Relax Guide 2017, the critical wellness bible that tests over 1,300 wellness hotels in Germany, the BollAnts was once again awarded with three lilies and 17 out of 20 possible points, and is thereby considered the best establishment in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Since the first edition of the Relax Guide in 2003, the BollAnts has always been named as a top location.

50 beste Köche - Schlemmer AtlasJens Fischer and Philipp Helzle, our leading duo in the gourmet restaurant “Jungborn”, are among the 50 best cooks in Germany! CONGRATULATIONS! We are chuffed about this great prize awarded by the editors of the Schlemmer Atlas!

Gewinner GesamtkonzertThis year, the BollAnts Spa in the Park hotel received the coveted Wellness Aphrodite in the premier class “Overall Concept”. The prize is among the most eminent awards for wellness hotels in the German-speaking world.

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Michelin Stern LogoWe want to congratulate our cooks and service team for the Jungborn restaurant for the renewed award of one star in the 2016 Michelin Guide!

Since 2006, our gourmet restaurant has been consistently represented as a starred restaurant in the Michelin Guide.

2016 HolidayCheck AwardThe BollAnts has now received the 2016 HolidayCheck Award, making it three times in a row. Thank you very much for your wonderful ratings!

2015 HolidayCheck AwardThe users of the online portal “HolidayCheck” have used all kinds of criteria to decide: The BOLLANTS is one of the most popular wellness hotels in Germany, and has received the coveted audience prize, the 2015 HolidayCheck Award. This award appreciated the employees’ exceptional commitment which, with their special service quality, was able to win over the guests.

An accomplishment that is reflected in the numerous positive hotel ratings. “We very happy about this award because our employees, who meet the high expectations of our guests every day anew with much dedication and devotion, deserve it,” said managing director Jan Bolland. But the investments of recent years may have also paid off, since among others, the lavish bollantSPA with heated outdoor pool received high praise from guests.

TripadvisorWe are proud to have received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, and would like thank all of the guests who have rated our company on TripAdvisor. There is no higher honour than the praise of our guests. Since the Certificate of Excellence is based on the opinions of our guests, this prize is evidence of the trust in our company and of our pursuit of perfection.

The award, which honours exceptional hospitality, is conferred to companies around the world that consistently receive outstanding evaluations from travellers on the travel website. The award-winning businesses that number among the most popular of their kind on TripAdvisor can be found around the globe. 

When selecting the winners of the Certificate of Excellence, TripAdvisor uses a self-developed algorithm that takes the ratings from travellers into account. The companies need to reach an overall TripAdvisor rating of at least 4/5 points. In addition the number of ratings, as well as their up-to-dateness, the company’s membership duration and its popularity ranking on the website are incorporated into the calculation.

2014 Magazin Der Feinschmecker berichtetChange in the kitchen at Bad Sobernheim's gourmet location: In the gourmet restaurant “Passione Rosa” at the wellness hotel “BollAnts in the Park”, Jens Fischer (previously of “Ketschauer Hof”, Deidesheim) has succeeded Renato Manzi, who left the establishment after twelve years. The restaurants under a sandstone vault is kept rustic and elegant in the country home style.

You can read the entire article here.

2014 Spa Managerin des JahresThe Wellnessverband Deutschland (Germany Wellness Association) gave its meaningful judgement of the determined professional life’s journey that Nicole Praß-Anton has been pursuing for 30 years now in the service of health and for the family-owned “Bollants SPA” company. As early as 14 years of age, Dr. Axel Bolland, who instructed her to become doctor's assistant in the naturopathically-oriented practice, laid the foundation for her curiosity in holistically aligned forms of treatment. After subsequent training to become a physiotherapist, it soon took her to advanced training all over the world. Long before the “wellness era”, her path led into the countries of origin (Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hawaii) in order to learn further forms of application and health rituals. The importance of the FELKE regimen, practised for over 100 years with regional connections through the medicinal clay dug up on site, was something she was always aware of, and that was meaningful to her.

Endeavouring for authenticity in her work, Nicole Praß-Anton was living in the Nahe wine-growing region 14 years ago when she was convinced by the unique ingredients of the grape seed, and developed vinotherapy with various forms of application. Using several publications and appearances in television reports, this form of therapy became increasing important and today is integrated into several therapy concepts. She soon took up the challenge of developing her own grape seed body care line with natural, organic ingredients; this is unique in Germany and another component of her creative and engaged “calling”. She presented her products for the first time at the “Beauty Messe” in Düsseldorf at

her own booth, and got talking with several international handlers. Already among the 10 finalist managers from the hippest wellness hotels in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, it was nevertheless a shining hour of her accomplishment for her and her accompanying therapist team, and a day of success for the entire Bollants team.

Source: Allgemeine Zeitung Bad Sobernheim

2014 Wellness AphroditeJens Gilcher and Janine Bolland are pleased to have been awarded the Wellness Aphrodite in the category “Wellness Cuisine” by the specialist journal Top Hotel. Awarded was the outstanding health cuisine, with its gluten and lactose-free offerings.

2013 HolidayCheck TophotelThe BollAnts has been awarded as a “HolidayCheck Top Hotel” in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and is thereby considered one of the top locations to be rated positively.

2012 Service Oase DeutschlandEvery two years, restaurant guests evaluate the service in German restaurants. The results are then compiled in the guide “Service Oases of Germany”, in cooperation with American Express. As early as 2008 and then again in 2012, the BollAnts team has been considered for this recognition - something no other establishment has yet achieved!

2012 HolidayCheck TophotelFor the second time in a row, the BollAnts in the Park Romantic Hotel & Vital Spa has been rated a HolidayCheck Top Hotel. Travellers registered as HolidayCheck members declared the BollAnts in the Park a 2012 HolidayCheck Top Hotel through their positive ratings.

2011 HolidayCheck TophotelThe BollAnts in the Park Romantic Hotel & Vital Spa is pleased to have been awarded as a HolidayCheck Top Hotel. Travellers registered as HolidayCheck members declared the BollAnts in the Park a 2011 HolidayCheck Top Hotel through their positive ratings.

2008 Hospitality Career AwardYoung hotelier Jan Bolland is the first winner of the “Hospitality Career Award”. With this prize, specialist hotel magazines from the Handelsblatt publishing group select young managers from hospitality companies. “The industry can still expect many positive impulses from Jan Bolland,” said laudator and jury member Alexander Aisenbrey.

2007 Gastgeber des JahresThe Rhineland-Palatinate Host of the Year is considered the most important award that only especially quality-oriented hotels receive - after extensive inspection, a mystery check and certification - from the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Trade and Commerce and Tourism Board. The BollAnts has also been one of the impressive “lighthouses of Rhineland-Palatinate tourism” since 2007.

Once a year, all of the wellness hoteliers come together - and then the “Oscar” of the SPA scene is chosen. Since the first competition in 2005, not a year has gone by where the BollAnts has not been nominated for a “Wellness Aphrodite”. The Romantic hotel was also considered for the great award twice - once for the Wellness Cuisine and once for the Spa Manager of the Year.