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Home Lodges - Our “Geheischnis” for you

“With the Bollands, home evidently always finds a home” is how a journalist recently summarised the BollAnts in the Park, the wellness and health hotel in Bad Sobernheim renowned across and beyond the region.

On 10th September 2010, the “Home Lodges” were opened – an extraordinary living concept directly on the mountain above the hotel grounds. That is because the term “home” has a very special meaning here on the Nahe. People here call home their “Geheischnis”. It describes the comfort and human closeness that one feels when one withdraws to their own four walls. Amidst nature, on the edge of the Soonwald forest, you’ll find our lodges located on the mountain above the “BollAnts in the Park” hotel grounds. The view from your own garden will lead you over the little town of Bad Sobernheim, all the way into the famous Monzingen vineyards.

Your own private SPA is part of your hideaway. How does a massage in your own lodge sound? Just a short walk away, you’ll reach the Hubertus forest sauna. Or enjoy the open-air bathtubs in the first floor – the large glass door here can open to the forest, almost like bathing outside... After that, take a rest in the cosy corner by the fireplace...

Quiet luxury is the idea behind our private refuges – no 24-hour butler service, no collection with a golf trolley! Rather, enjoy the time in your “habitat” with the many amenities in this entirely private home sweet home. For example, prepare a cup of tea with the selection of loose, organic teas from your little kitchen, and read a good book from the old bookcase.

In the evenings, select a fine bottle of Riesling from here in the Nahe out of the mini-wine cabinet in your lodge. Naturally, we will bring your freshly prepared dinner up to you in the evenings.

And in the mornings, you’ll wake up when you hear the nightingales from the neighbouring Nightingale Valley. Still in your pyjamas, you’ll take a seat at the almost invisible covered table for a tasty country breakfast, smell the freshly brewed ground coffee… Are these not the many little things that make us happy?

That is our “Geheischnis” for you!

We hope you enjoy this experience!

In 1907 Andres Dhonau, the great-grandfather of today’s owning Bolland-Anton family, founded the Felke-Jungborn “Kurhaus Dhonau”. In this founding house of the Felke method of healing on the Nahe, after treatment by Minister Felke, spa guests would spend the night in so-called air cabins: in straw beds (for the correct grounding), with large windows and in the middle of the countryside (for ample light and air). This kind of air cabin can still be seen today, directly above the Home Lodges.

The Bolland-Anton family is developing a renaissance of this Felke tradition with the new lodges, in order to recapture the near-natural, meditative thoughts of retreat and inner peace that one can find in their own four walls.

With over 100 years of family history, the “BollAnts in the Park” is considered the descendant founding house of the Felke healing method on the Nahe. Now, as ever, medical wellness and Felke therapy is possible with medical support of Dr. Axel Bolland. Programmes on offer include, for example: active stress management, therapeutic fasting and weeks of healing earth as per Felke.