Especially clean air, an enchanting landscape, an undisturbed place of rest - there are many reasons to come to the city of Felke-Bad on the Nahe. But not just that:

As a fourth-generation family business, we place the greatest importance on “sustainable entrepreneurship”, in short: a sustainable corporate culture is self-evident for us - and has also been lived since time immemorial, before there was this term for it. We place great value on sustainability being realised consistently and effective in the BollAnts. A sustainable commitment is then the most credible when it traceably and steadily contributes to both social and ecological improvements, as well as company success. 

Anja Eisele and Marleen Wagner are our responsible designees for sustainability management. Their task and challenge is to ensure a sustainable organisational development.

That means, for specific example:

Naheland mit BollAnts AnlageThe BollAnts lies between lush hills and the river. Among our grounds are 120,000 square metres of exclusively woods and meadows. Every little expansion leads to us designating retention areas that are subject to natural conservation and promote indigenous plant and animal species.

wärmeschutzoptimiert All new construction measures meet the highest energy efficiency requirements, are optimally heat insulated and are therefore especially energy-saving.

BeleuchtungOur listing has been nearly 90% converted to LED technology, and is both timer- and movement-controlled in order to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

The BollAnts primarily mixes its energy demand with a proprietary pellets heating system (up to 350 tonnes of pellets per year), as well as natural gas (CHP).

In addition to these CO2-neutral energy sources, Hermannshof is equipped with a photovoltaic system that generates additional green energy for our own use.

Garten BollAntsWe supply our especially water-intensive garden and park grounds with our own house spring.

NaheWaste water is passed into the sewer via an elaborate pumping system below the Nahe Bridge in order to conserve the natural waters.

Felke MedSince our founding, our BollAnts - holiday philosophy has lived with the elements of nature: This includes the effects of the Bad Sobernheim medicinal clay, applications with warm and cold water, activity in fresh air and in the sun. Not many intensive regeneration days are needed in our lovely ambiance. Even our yoga and meditation workshops take place on the “yoga terrace” with awnings, right on the river.

RefoodIn the BollAnts waste is not just strictly separated and disposed of, but also - if possible - processed further regionally. We work together with “Refood”, who collect our food waste and further process it as animal feed. Even leftover cooking fat is collected in a barrel and reconditioned by “Refood” as an energy source (!

Through purchasing cooperations with neighbouring hotels, the journeys for fresh food are reduced!

SooNaheAs a member of the regional brand “SooNahe”, we draw on the best products from the Soonwald, the Hunsrück and the Nahe. Regional farms, wine press houses, bakeries, butcher's shops and other food operations stand for quality and variety, direct from the producer (

In our house-made marmalades, we naturally do away with preservatives - the products are made up of only fruits, sugar and citric acid. Many of our seasonal herbs come from our in-house herb gardens.

Carpe VinoThe “Carpe Vino” body care used in the SPA was developed and marketed by our SPA manager, Nicole Prass-Anton, herself, and is made of 100% organic-quality, cold-pressed grape seed oil and up to 99% from other natural ingredients with the certificate of “certified organic”. The products are free of dyes, parabens, perfume and synthetically produced oils. Dermatologically tested. (

Waschküche BollAntsWe use our own washhouse for terry cloth laundry in order to avoid unnecessary traffic congestion from laundry rentals. Our washing and cleaning agents are environmentally sustainable.

A contribution to environmental protection is likewise made through the active support of our guests in sparing handling of towels.

Our new Halenberg garages ensure an environmentally sparing arrival and departure with charging stations for e-cars. With our high-quality bicycles and e-bikes, we make it possible for our guests to explore the region in a way that is both close to nature and health-promoting!

Baumaterial HolzEnvironmentally friendly building materials are used in our company. To a great extent, for example, we utilise recycled wood from Europe for furniture and facility equipment. Wherever it works, we use antique furniture and materials instead of new products, also in terms of wall panellings, floorings and claddings.

WeissFor new facilities we prefer high-quality, oiled, solid wood instead of lacquered veneer on press boards (due to pollutant emissions).

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BollAnts WeinAnd particularly important, of course: the Nahe wine. It is our greatest concern in the beverage sector that not wines from Australia or Chile be drank, but rather the truly unique, top-class regional vintners who are globally renowned, especially when it comes to Rieslings.
Our tip: Try out the Nahe’s vintner sparkling wine instead of champagne, or red wine from the Nahe instead of from abroad - you’ll be surprised what kind of quality is possible just outside your own door!