Gesundheit muss gelebt werden

Naturopathy and general medicine combined in the Felke Med practice

Dr. Med. Axel Bolland

Dr Axel Bolland has been running the Felke Med practice at BollAnts Spa im Park for more than 40 years. He continues what began in 1907 with Pastor Emanuel Felke and his teachings on the effectiveness of the natural elements of light, air, water and earth in combination with exercise and nutrition. His holistic approach combines scientific conventional medicine and complementary naturopathy based on experience to create an integrative medicine that focuses on the needs of the human body, mind and soul. Dr Bolland teaches ways to prevent health problems, shows the importance of mindfulness, resilience and self-care and treats complaints. He takes the time to talk and analyse people in order to see them as a whole and not to reduce them to a symptom or organ.

Dr Bolland has been offering acupuncture for around 40 years as a treatment for pain, for example. In these many years, he has inserted more than 300,000 needles and, based on his experience, has developed his own method of needling with permanent needles, which provide barely perceptible support for the course of the treatment and can accompany you for up to a week. Whether back pain, shoulder-arm syndrome, restricted joint mobility, migraines, stress reduction or sleep disorders, this form of acupuncture can be used to treat almost any illness. The rapid effect is always astounding.

Colon hydrotherapy (CHT) is a gentle, nurturing colonic irrigation that we have been offering in various stages of development since 1931. Today, we offer colonic irrigation as an accompanying treatment, as an obligatory part of fasting and also for everyone's well-being in the most modern form. Our self-trained teams have performed around 100,000 irrigations since 1983 alone. Experience counts. Health begins in the gut with gentle basic cleansing to accompany fasting, intestinal diseases, high susceptibility to infections, chronic illnesses such as long covid or post-vac. syndrome, etc. Call us and let us advise you.

People need a healthy physical and a healthy mental diet. Transformation therapy (TT) is a form of meditation that has been tried and tested for two decades and which you can learn as part of the therapy. Help for self-help with exhaustion, stress intolerance, relationship problems in private or professional life TT aims to lead to more self-confidence, serenity, inner peace, feelings of freedom and lightness and true joie de vivre, as Robert Betz says: "Giving life a new direction through TT." Quite simply through self-learning. Enquire at the practice.

Prevention, i.e. being healthy and wanting to stay healthy within the framework of personal responsibility, is becoming increasingly important. You can't buy health. Health must be lived. We are happy to advise you, because laboratory values, ECG, ultrasound, etc. only provide a partial overview of the "hardware" of a person, the things that can be measured, counted and weighed. But there is another part, the "software" in humans. "I don't feel well", "I'm in pain", "I'm exhausted". Conditions that cannot be measured in kilograms, litres or metres and yet affect performance and well-being.

Naturopathy, as we have been offering it in its diversity for 40 years, can also open up complementary (supplementary) paths to health for you. It can be your path and we will be happy to accompany you with advice, even beyond the spa period.

Naturopathy, therapeutic fasting, healing therapies, herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, neural therapy, autohaemotherapy, ozone therapy, nutritional therapy, etc. are offered as complementary treatments on the path to healing. For special illnesses, please contact us before your visit to the practice.

The BollAnts Spa in the Park with the Felke Med practice is recognised as a sanatorium for natural remedies in accordance with § 30/2a of the GewO. The costs can be reimbursed by health insurance companies and aid organisations.