The BollAnts team

Many diligent hosts will see to your well-being in the Bollants

This warmth. This attentiveness. That is what makes it so special.

Dr. med. Axel Bolland

Dr. med. Axel Bolland Medical management, general medicine, natural medicine, acupuncture, spa doctor


Praxisteam Manager Ute Weber

Tel.: +49 (6751) 9339 -117

Elke Bolland

Elke Bolland Guest support

Nicole Prass-Anton

Nicole Prass-Anton Spa manager, physiotherapy healer

Tel.: +49 (6751) 9339 -166

Philipp Helzle

Philipp Helzle Jungborn kitchen management

Jens Gilcher

Jens Gilcher Villa kitchen management

Petra Helzle

Petra Helzle Dining management

Denise Körner

Denise Körner Consultation

Tel.: +49 (6751) 9339 - 0

Eleonore Anton

Eleonore Anton Social education worker, nutrition consultation per the Austrian Commercial Code

Annett Schubert

Annett Schubert Reception management

Tel.: +49 (6751) 9339 - 0

Renate Keppler

Renate Keppler Colon hydrotherapy

Stefanie Baltz

Stefanie Baltz Yoga teacher & physiotherapy healer (Non-Medical Practitioners Act)

Claudia Hoseus

Claudia Hoseus Yoga teacher, fitness & health training, relaxation teacher

Jakob Schauß

Jakob Schauß Assistant manager

Tel.: +49 (6751) 9339 - 251

Vanessa Conrath

Vanessa Conrath Conference manager

Tel.: +49 (6751) 9339 - 261

Jörg Schaaf

Jörg Schaaf Building services

Heike Pauls

Heike Pauls Bookkeeping