The BollAnts story


The BollAnts is listed as one of the twenty best wellness hotels in Germany

1907 - Founding of the “Felke-Jungborn Kurhaus Dhonau”

A stubborn case of neurodermatitis was to blame. The butcher Andres Dhonau, great-grandfather of today's owning Bolland-Anton family, received treatment from the Sobernheim minister Emanuel Felke. The minister’s recipe sounded simple: “Light, air, water and earth”. Among the therapy were treatments with medicinal clay, gentle activity in the fresh air, a light, purging diet and lots of water from within and without. Mr. Dhonau recovered and wrested a promise from the minister: If he established a kurhaus, the minister was to work and heal there.

The idea of the Felke healing method

As early as 25 years of age, Andres Dhonau had made a name for himself as an independent butcher in Bad Sobernheim. Because of a severe illness, the young Andres had “already resigned” in 1902, as he wrote in his book about the origin of the Felke therapy. “Only through the intervention of the Minister Emanuel Felke, who had become renowned for his natural healing methods, was I able to be saved.”

The “wondrous healing,” documented Dhonau, “awakened an internal voice within me that urged me incessantly to begin a work by establishing a Felke sanatorium that would serve the high ideal of healing sick people.” In short, Dhonau sold his very first successfully established butcher’s shop and, in 1907, founded his first domain on the Nahe with Minister Felke.

“One day, I will have to place what was begun in the spirit of trust in the Lord and brotherly love in other hands... Andres Dhonau." Today, the third and fourth generations of the Bolland-Anton family continue to lead the modern natural healing resort, which was established 110 years ago by Great-Grandfather Andres Dhonau on the same site as the “Felke Jungborn Kurhaus Dhonau”.

In the year 2005 Jan Bolland, Janine Bolland-Georg and Nicole Prass-Anton assumed leadership in the traditional Bad Sobernheim operation - the fourth generation since the founding of the hotel by great-grandfather Andres Dhonau in 1907.

The BollAnts is listed by the independent Relax Guide as one of the twenty best wellness hotels in Germany (one of the few spa hotels, which has already been named since the first edition).