Healthy detox

Felke Med therapeutic fasting

“Fasting is much more than not eating anything.”

An essential component of our Felke.Med concept is therapeutic fasting as per Dr. Otto Buchinger. Combined with the further developed Felke healing method, many of our guests in recent years have used the offer to lastingly purify and revitalise their minds and bodies. You can make preventative or therapeutic use of your stay to have a positive influence on your health.

Therapeutic fasting means voluntarily forgoing solid food for a certain period of time. The human organism possesses the ability to live off its reserves for a certain period of time, and in doing so can activate its self-healing powers. In addition to the weight loss, various effects of fasting are the focus of interest today: anti-ageing, treatment of numerous chronic diseases, as well as the prevention of illness, ailments of old age like dementia, and cancer. Mentally, the fasting process has a positive effect on personal awareness, to the point of self-discovery.

Based on our many years of experience, we have put together a selection of arrangements for your stay. These can be individually supplemented with medical and therapeutic offerings.