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Prana SPA


Frau in Meditationshaltung in der Prana Sauna

Step into this very special world that awaits you at the Prana SPA. It is a place of tranquillity, meditation and inspiration.

The Prana SPA is located on the second floor of our Spa Frühlingsplätzchen and extends over an additionally created area of approx. 220 m². This exclusive retreat with sauna, relaxation room and adjoining terrace is reserved for a maximum of 20 guests. It is pleasantly tempered for relaxing sauna sessions at a temperature of 50-60° and offers special experiences such as gentle hatha and hot yoga or light meditation at a mild 30-40°.

The concept

In Far Eastern philosophy, prana stands for life force and life energy. It is influenced by the seven main energy centres of the body, the chakras. The chakras are located along the spine, for example at the level of the heart, larynx and navel, and have an effect on the surrounding organs, but also on emotions, psyche and character. Those who get involved in the Prana Spa by BollAnts learn more about the meaning and effect of the chakras. Every day, the focus is on one of the seven chakras

  • Root chakra / Muladhara
  • Sacral chakra / Swadhistana
  • Solar plexus chakra / Manipura
  • Heart chakra / Anahata
  • Throat chakra / Vishudda
  • Brow chakra / Ajna
  • Crown chakra / Sahasrara

Darstellung der 7 Chakren und wo sie sich befinden

Everything can, nothing must

Experience the Prana SPA as a magical place. Learn to activate your energy centres and take many suggestions and aids for more inner balance and mindfulness with you into your everyday life. We activate your chakras with

  • Yoga and meditation exercises

  • Chakra Tea and Chakra Gemstone Water

  • Chakra Light Meditation

  • small applications

  • Readings on the Chakras

  • Mindfulness card with tips and explanations

  • and much more

Visit the Prana SPA when you feel like retreat, inner reflection and total relaxation. Here you can recharge your batteries and do something good for your body, mind and soul with gentle sauna sessions, light meditation or hot yoga. In the spacious relaxation area, indoors as well as on the sun terrace, you will find your very own individual retreat and relaxation area. Lounge sofas, various loungers and our special offer, the Aerial Yoga hanging swings, invite you to relax and unwind. Readings, sound meditations and aerial yoga sessions are held here regularly.

The philosophy of the Prana SPA is based on Far Eastern relaxation methods. They are complemented by modern biofeedback avatar lamps. These measure the heart rate and set coloured light impulses that lead step by step to the desired state of relaxation and inner balance.

Information & offer

Paar entspannt auf Liegen angemeldet an einen Biofeesback Avatar

The Prana SPA is open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and can be used by a maximum of 20 guests at a time after prior reservation via      e-mail to Admission is granted from the age of 16. Bathrobe and bathing textiles are to be worn in the Prana SPA. The sauna is a textile-free room. Those who do not wish to sauna naked may wrap a towel or pestemal around themselves. The course units in the sauna (meditation and yoga) take place in swimwear or light sportswear.


Day admission


Monday till Friday

19,90 € 

Saturday and Sunday

24,90 €  

Bookable daily for our house guests.

For external visitors bookable as:

or in combination with other Day SPA offers:

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