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Nahe wine country

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Nahe wine country

Welcome to one of the world’s best Riesling regions

The wines of the Nahe form the focus of our wine menu. The BollAnts lies in the middle of the Nahe wine-growing region, which is one of the best Riesling regions in the world.

“Nahe wines are the wines I turn to when I want the very best Germany has to offer!”
Steve Pitcher, San Francisco, taken from

Big names from the Nahe are represented on our menu, e.g. the Dönnhoff vineyard from Oberhausen/Nahe, the Emrich-Schönleber vineyard from Monzingen, Schlossgut Diel from Burg Layen and even the Schäfer-Fröhlich vineyard from Bockenau. We likewise present you with the newcomers, such as the Joh.Bapt. vineyard, Schäfer from Burg Layen or Jan Bolland's favourite vintners, the Korrell vineyard from Bosenheim.

“It can be more than a little strange. The Nahe vintners must have made some kind of pact. Most certainly. With the devil, Petrus or Bacchus, likely with all three at the same time. It can't be explained any other way that someone would make out so well, if not outstandingly, even with the 2011, which made for discordant wines in so many other regions. Indeed, it is a marvellous vintage on the Nahe. It is the year of the Nahe!”
The “Gault Millau” wine guide on Nahe wines

New: The “BollAnts Only” wine edition, incl. a “Riesling semi-dry” from the Emrich-Schönleber vineyard, “Riesling dry” from the Schäfer-Fröhlich vineyard, “Riesling & Gelber Muskateller” from the Korrell vineyard and many more! These wines are available exclusively at the BollAnts.

Extensive information on the Nahe wine country here!