Benefits & cost absorption

Benefits and cost absorption

Our establishment is recognised as subsidisable and as a sanatorium for natural medicine procedures according to article 30/2a of the German Trade Regulations Act. The reimbursement of costs takes place through health insurance companies and subsidy offices under the following requirements:

Article a) subsidisable in-patient rehabilitation treatment*: According to the benefits guidelines, costs shall be reimbursed through the subsidy offices. The application shall take place through the general practitioner and submitted for authorisation at the subsidy office. (Subsidisable according to article 6 Subsidy regulation of public service, state recognised sanatorium according to article 7 par. 4 State aid rules). None of our flat rates can be booked for the regimen since all applications are billed individually. Invoicing will take place on-site upon departure. You will receive separate invoices for your stay, as well as for therapeutic applications and medical services. You will need to submit these to your subsidy office and health insurance.

Article b) Private health insurance funds*: Absorption of costs depending on the finalised tariff (as in-patient stay or reimbursement of doctor and therapy costs or via additional “spa service” tariff)

Article c) Outpatient preventative and rehabilitation regimen - spa treatment: An outpatient preventative service (previously public spa treatment) is possible in case of official health insurance. A form can be requested from the medical insurance company and filled out by the general practitioner, with the recommendation for the Bad Sobernheim spa. The application must be submitted to the respective medical insurance company. In most cases, a response is received after 2-4 weeks.

In case of an authorisation, a current absorption of 90% of the reimbursable healing treatments prescribed by the spa doctor (mud bath & poultices, physiotherapy, lymph drainage and classic massages) will take place. The co-payment to be borne by you will be paid on-site and amounts to 10% of the spa treatments plus a €10 prescription charge. Most official medical insurance companies will reimburse a subsidy for your night at the amount of €8-12/day. Please bring up-to-date medical documents.

Wellness services (e.g., Ayurvedic treatments, relaxation massages) and some medical services (e.g., colon hydrotherapy) are not reimbursed by medical insurance funds. Please clarify the decision on the reimbursement of your costs with the authority responsible for you prior to arrival. Please note that flat rate invoices are not possible with a cost reimbursement since you require a detailed individual invoice.

Article d) Prescription of spa applications: It is possible for you to bring a prescription for spa applications from your general practitioner or treating physician. (Alternatively, a prescription can be carried out through our practise) You will receive separate application and physician invoices upon departure. Prescribable applications will be invoiced according to our private rates.

Tax approval

1. For workers:

The costs of an outpatient or in-patient treatment are approved as an exceptional strain on your wages and income taxes under the following prerequisites:

§ The costs are not absorbed by insurance

§ Submission of an official medical confirmation of the necessity of a measure

§ Proof of the proper execution under medical supervision

2. For employers:

According to article 3 no. 34 of the German Income Tax Act, the allowance offers employers the option of allocating up to €500 per year for their employees for health-promoting services (see page 39 Stress management packages).

An introductory consultation and examination with scheduling of the therapy plan is obligatory for all guests utilising our high-quality therapy offerings for private, preventative health care and/or spa resources.

Our tip: The individual consultation meeting with our SPA manager: Whether you are privately or publicly insured – in many cases, your health insurance company will participate in your applications – even if you or your health insurance company is not aware of it! For that reason alone, this appointment is well worth it!