Refuel on strength

Saunas and steam baths

More than 4 saunas and 2 steam baths are available to choose from

Finnish infusion sauna

Daily changing infusion experiences take place in our Finnish sauna - such as the Nahe countryside, gemstone, Schinderhannes, sound, aloha, meditation, luck & Carpe Vino infusions (at a temperature of 85°C).


The biosauna has the advantage of not needing to be as hot, due to the added moisture - with the same effect as in a conventional sauna (temperature of 65°C).

Steam bath

The gemstone steam bath is ideally suited for sauna beginners, since it's at a lower temperature (45°C).

Hubertus sauna

Our Hubertus sauna at the edge of the forest (accessible via a short mountain path) offers a great panoramic view over Bad Sobernheim and the region.

Medicinal clay steam bath

The medicinal clay steam bath is the first of its kind. In 1994, Dr. Axel Bolland was searching for a way to fashion the classic Felke loam bath more comfortably. The result was a medicinal clay application in a steam bath, which can now be found almost worldwide. But only with the original Bad Sobernheim medicinal clay here in Bad Sobernheim!

Saunas & steam baths in the SPA suite

SaunasIn our SPA suites, enjoy soothing treatments, sauna sessions or Jacuzzi baths together in an entirely private atmosphere. Bookable via our wellness reception!

SwissSwiss pine sauna

The one-time, intense scent of Swiss pine feels especially pleasant and has a positive effect on general well-being. By heating up the sauna, the scent of the wood unfolds especially thoroughly. It considered as demonstrated that the active substances of Swiss pine lower heart rate and make people less sensitive to the weather.