Landmarks from the Nahe countryside

Landmarks in the Nahe countryside

The most beautiful destination for a small day trip is the BollAnts “Günderodehaus” ( It is considered one of the most beautiful places across the Rhine. Today, the nearly 200-year-old half-timber house is lovingly staged by Petra Litz.

Hunsrück-typical dishes, fine wines from the vineyards of the Middle Rhine valley and the Nahe, as well as house-baked cakes make visits to the former film set into a special experience. The new, heavenly Soonwald hiking trail at 84 km was only recently opened.

On foot, you’ll reach the Rhineland-Palatinate Open-Air Museum with multiple historical villages and the Bad Sobernheim barefoot path along the Nahe. From our “country home” one can see a magical place of power, the Disibodenberg monastery, the domain of St. Hildegard of Bingen.