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Medicinal clay therapy

Felke Med

Bad Sobernheim medicinal clay therapy

Mud application and mud bath at BollAnts - An ancient remedy from nature, individually applied

Medicinal clay therapy

The natural healer Adolf Just (1859-1936) is considered the discoverer of medicinal clay therapy in the modern age. Minister Felke took on this successful concept, made it internationally famous in his time and went down in history as the “Clay Minister”. Felke further developed the regime and combined the natural elements of light, air, water and earth in the “Felke medicinal clay bath”. Scientific studies confirm the multifaceted effect of the healing earth in the form of mud baths outdoors (April to October only), full-body medicinal clay therapy in the steam bath (year-round), as well as warm and could poultices.

In 1994, Dr. Axel Bolland supplemented the traditional mud baths with the Felke medicinal clay steam bath, which today is applied worldwide.

The most beautiful place you can take a medicinal clay bath is the SPA garden on the river!

Located directly on the banks of the Nahe, the bath is applied in a heated, light-flooded pavilion surrounded by greenery. The mud baths also take place outside in this garden in the summer – here the mud can then be washed off directly in the river – a unique, natural experience! 

The healing loam

  • strengthens the immune system
  • has heavily deacidifying effect
  • improves blood circulation
  • alleviates inflamed joints and inflammatory diseases of the skin
  • normalises risk factors (increased liver, uric acid, blood pressure and cholesterol values)
  • helps with rheumatic symptoms