The Felke treatment

Prevention and regimen

“Health is everything; without health, everything is nothing.”

Never has the desire for personal responsibility for health been so great. Despite that, it's proven difficult to live up to one’s own aspirations to a healthy lifestyle in everyday living.

Make use of your time out to find your inner balance again and be able to summon vigour back our of your own centre, and integrate valuable incentives into your everyday life at home. With more self-awareness in the day-to-day and a new consciousness of your health, your well-being will continue long after your stay.

Together with our Felke Med team for more vitality and joy for life in the everyday

In an initial consultation, you will join our head physician Dr. Axel Bolland and spa manager Nicole Prass-Anton in developing a custom therapy plan adjusted to your personal goals and needs.

An essential component of your time out at Bollant’s is a nutrition programme geared to you (partial fasting/therapeutic fasting as per Buchinger, vegetarian diet), supplemented by lots of activity in the fresh air and sufficient relaxation. Our experience shows that even a stay of five days or more can effect a sustainable improvement in your constitution. The longer you can make your stay, the more sustainable the success of the treatment.

Please feel free to contact us any time for an individual consultation!