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Your time out

Felke Med

Your time out

Body & mind, anti-stress and burnout

Make use of your time off in the BollAnts as a turning point for the most important person in your life - yourself. Order is half of life, as the folk saying goes. Gift yourself time to organise your world of thought. At BollAnts, enjoy special moments for your own encounter, for switching off and reorientation.

Every treatment begins with you, and the desire for change. In an introductory consultation, an evaluation of your current state will be made. Together, you develop your professional and familial living conditions. Based on the introductory meeting, the therapy will take place geared to your needs.

  • Stress and exhaustion are gradually relieved through relaxation and movement therapy
  • New strategies and techniques for preventing burn-out are learned
  • Your own responsibility to your health is trained for correct judgement of your energy and abilities
  • Your regeneration is supported by valuable build-up infusions
  • Break free of your worries in the hands of our sensitively trained therapists
  • Gain new vitality and joy for life to return to your everyday life with new strength

Dr. Axel Bolland will introduce you to a unique short-term therapy where you will learn how to increase positive elements in your life and how to transform negative ones The transformation therapy (TT for short, as per Robert Betz) forms the basis that is implemented through other forms of meditation combined individually. The experience teaches by you changing, and your personal environment will change as well. TT helps with stress in everyday life, relationship problems, familial problems, anxiety disorders, depressive resentments, mobbing and many other problems. TT shows a contemporary path to preserving one's health.

“Only those who let go have their hands free.”

Give your life new impulses during and after your time out, all the way up to joie de vivre and a strengthened feeling of health.

  • Emotional overexertion
  • Hopelessness, helplessness
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Loss of appetite, digestive disorders
  • Heart pains, tinnitus
  • Slowed thinking, aggressive impulses
  • Headaches, sleep disorders
  • Increased consumption of alcohol and tobacco

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